Jeanine Pirro

Courage uncovered.

In a country where half the population seems to live in an existential dread of terrorists, foreigners, atheists, minorities, gays, and the Clintons, it is good to see there is one group whose courage is laid bare. I speak of nudists. I suspect that the courage to reveal all goes hand in hand with a certain mental fortitude. I offer this as evidence:

After a shark bit both of Elvin Lanza’s legs at Florida’s Haulover Park – a clothes-optional beach – it would have been understandable if the naturists took their minimalist enjoyment elsewhere. They didn’t. They were soon back frolicking in the waves – or whatever it is they do. Let Jim, 43, speak for them all, “I’m not scared and I don’t care. It’s their [the sharks] water. Just keep an eye open. I mean, did the guy die or lose any limbs?” (h/t Miami Herald)


The Devil’s Advocate.

Conservatives claiming that it’s OK to have the Russians provide ‘oppo research’ have raised eyebrows among those who assign Russians their traditional role – enemy. But now Jeanine Pirro, whose ill-considered blurtings are a feature of Fox News, has taken one more step down Perdition’s trail by dragging Satan into the equation. To whit, she said that: “if the devil called me and said he wanted to set up a meeting to give me opposition research on my opponent I’d be on the first trolley to hell to get it”.

Pirro is a Catholic – which explains the hell talk. And she is a Republican – which explains her affinity for evil, whether it be temporal or metaphysical. (h/t Mediaite)


Doctor Who, a new frontier.

The protagonist of the long-term British TV show ‘Doctor Who has been played by 12 different actors – all men. The new Doctor, however, is to be played by the indubitably female Jodie Whittaker. This course correction has caused both consternation and celebration among fans – and others for whom culture is a mirror to society.

On the one hand, the ‘purists’ argue that the Doctor has traditionally been a man. On the other, the ‘realists’ point out that the Doctor is a non-human, shape-shifting alien for whom human gender is merely a convenience. Who’s right, you might ask. But it is an irrelevant question.

Either people will watch or they won’t. Personally, I think the casting choice is secondary to the fact that the show’s writing has gone down hill and the scheduling is all over the place. But that’s just one man’s opinion. (h/t The Guardian)