Republicans have to deal with a Senate candidate, Roy Moore, who has been accused of plying girls with alcohol and touching them up. In Alabama the local GOP’s answer is simple. They deny he did it and besides most of the accusers were at least 16 – so fair game for a 30-something.

And that’s if the accusers are telling the truth anyway. Which they probably aren’t, as it has been forty years – and isn’t it an interesting coincidence that they should be making these assertions just as Roy Moore is running for national office.

Even though Moore has been known for years to be a fan of teen girlfriends. Although he did wait until his wife was 24 before marrying her at 38.

And even if he did do it, the local Christians have the ‘biblical’ argument. Mary was a kid when she and the much older Joseph, a carpenter (somehow that makes a difference) had Jesus. Which ignores that Mary and Joseph were married. And God and angels were involved.

And then there is Moore’s own defense of his high school trolling habits: “I always got the girl’s mother’s permission.” That is the standard of decency in Alabama? Really? All the mothers were good with it? No wonder he’s not dropping out of the race – the rules are apparently different in The Heart of Dixie.

“Ma’am may I touch your teenage daughter’s private parts”. “Yes, you may Roy, as long as she and you keep your undergarments on”.

Unfortunately for Moore, Alabama’s dating standards are not nationally recognized, so there is a revulsion factor. To the extent that Republicans realize there is electoral jeopardy. And moral degeneracy becomes a problem when jobs and power are on the line.

Some Republicans get it. John McCain said Moore should quit. Mitt Romney agreed, tweeting that ‘innocent until proven guilty” was for criminal trials. But the rest of the Republicans equivocated. Most said that Moore should go, “if the accusations were true” – which is the same as saying Moore should stay, as long as he denies it.

Sen. Pat Tomey (R-PA) signs on to the homegrown ‘why now after 40 years’ defense? Suggesting there may be substance to Moore’s whinge about a Washington Post/Democrat plot – but let’s flesh that out. Has anyone alleged these women have been paid? That they are left-wing moles? That they decided that public shaming was missing from their lives. No. As always the evil-doers are not rationally explained. It’s enough to mention their names.

Whatever happens in the election there will be a significant number of Alabamans who will not support the evil toad. But there will be enough that you have to ask yourself – what gives? I can only imagine that clanism takes precedence over decency. That your greatest – and apparently only – loyalty is your own, no matter what he’s done.

And that isn’t Christian.


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