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The Defective Men in Hillary’s Life

by Pitt Griffin on November 3, 2016 · 0 comments

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Until 1992, Hillary used her maiden name – Rodham. But when Bill ran for President she adopted “Mrs. Clinton”. The idea that a political wife could have her own identity was too much of a liability. Nancy Reagan was the epitome of an adoring spouse and Barbara Bush the image of the tough matriarch. But neither took any light away from their husbands.

Hillary, on the other hand, made it clear she wasn’t the moon to her husband’s sun. She infamously said, “I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas.” She had come to the marriage with a successful career. When Arkansans elected her husband Governor, she continued to practice law. And as First Lady, she would have a role shaping policy.

Bill had the balls to marry a strong woman. But his desperate need for approval and sex led to multiple affairs. Conservatives somehow blame this on Hillary.

Nine marriages, countless affairs, no decency.

Nine marriages, countless affairs, no decency.

She has suffered ever since from attacks by defective men. Newt Gingrich was Bill’s nemesis – until failure forced resignation. Newt’s downfall came as a result of his plot to use the Lewinsky affair to dethrone Bill. He not only backed the wrong horse – but as a thrice-married, serial adulterer he proved a weak candidate to pursue a morals campaign. (Note: It won’t be the last time we hear those stats.)

Now Gingrich has emerged a shill for Donald Trump – the man who would be ‘Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief”. Himself a thrice-married, serial adulterer. And how do we know he is? He brags about it – repeatedly – to anyone who will listen.

This pathological liar has relied on 25 years of Republican agitprop against Hillary to convince his base that she’s the dishonest one.

Also using his unique brand of insanity to defend the indefensible is the former ‘America’s Mayor’ – Rudy Giuliani. Himself a thrice- (never mind – you get the point). He is so clueless about the depths of his depravity he told Chuck Todd that everybody commits adultery – but he’s OK because: “You know, I’m a Roman Catholic and I confess those things to my priest.”

(Aside: You have to love religion. Catholics get absolution. Protestants repent. It’s as if no wife was ever wronged. Unless it was by an atheist who has no ‘get out of jail free’ card.)

Adultery is a sin. But to evangelicals, it’s a bigger sin to be married to an adulterer. Worse, the unfaithful can repent – but the fiery pit is the enabler’s inevitable destination. Wait, I’ve been hasty. Only conservative sinners can wash their sins away. Bill is as damned as Hill.

But then again evangelicals are cafeteria Christians – picking and choosing which doctrines to follow and which acts to condemn. Their own behavior explains why there is no push for a constitutional amendment to ban divorce. Ironically, the only marital no-no which Jesus directly condemned.

Conservatives – both men and women – have a deranged view of women in general. They perceive feminism as man-hate and an insult to the family. They believe powerful, independent women must be closet lesbians.

Rush Limbaugh is typical – married four times, no children. (Cheap shot? Of course. I sank to his level – sue me). You have to wonder what psychological damage causes him to fret about ‘feminazis’ and label Sandra Fluke a ‘slut’.

The election is tight, but the odds still favor Hillary. Trump can’t stand to lose to anyone, but a beat down by Hillary would especially galling. The anti-Hillary forces would howl at the moon and deny her any accomplishments. But she would be in the Oval Office – the bitch would be top dog.




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